9 October 2023

This One Is For The Teachers

This One Is For The Teachers

I often hear teachers from around the globe complaining about how difficult their job is. I have watched video clips where teachers moan about drinking cold coffee, having limited bathroom breaks and having to do in-service training. I have read blogs where teachers simply request sympathy from the community because their work is so hard.

Well, I am a teacher and I have the best jobs in the world! Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I get to shape, influence and mould young minds.
  • I get to show children that they are loved, valued and important.
  • I get to be a part of their success.
  • As much as I share in their glory, I am often the first port of call when things fall apart.
  • I get to teach children to have an opinion. And when they are older, I get to challenge that opinion to make sure that they understand the reasons for what they believe.
  • I get to teach them to win humbly and loose graciously.
  • I get to see children’s potential and work alongside them to help them achieve that potential.
  • Every day, I get to work alongside a remarkable team of people. These people live their work. They are constantly striving to better themselves for the sake of their students.
  • We get to share in each other’s highs and lows. We get to celebrate together and hold each other up when things get rough. This team, go above and beyond the call of duty. They are truly wonderful!
  • My work is never boring!
  • I get to re-invent myself every year.
  • In a world that’s ever increasingly technology crazy, I get to connect with real people, in a real way, every day.

Perhaps we need to revisit the reasons why we teach. Your job is not thankless. It is one of the most incredible jobs you can ever do. You have the opportunity to mould futures, to change lives, to open up a world of possibilities …

I asked some of my colleagues to tell me the first thing that comes to mind when asked “Why do you teach?”

This is what they said:

  • I teach to inspire.
  • It is so rewarding watching children achieve something they couldn’t do before they met me.
  • To share my passion with others.
  • I absolutely adore seeing children happy and secure in class. Another big reason is that I want to be the teacher that believes in every child in class, especially those that don’t believe in themselves!
  • I know that a child understands the world a little better because I have taught them.
  • Working with children makes me genuinely happy. Changing their lives for the better and seeing them achieve makes it all worthwhile.
  • I love the children’s innocence and the love they reciprocate.
  • I teach because I love to see the sparkle in children’s eyes when they find a lesson exciting or when they understand something that they have found difficult. I want to teach children to be their best possible selves and to know that they can do whatever they set their minds to.
  • I teach because I love to see people grow. Teaching allows me to impact lives and create growth opportunities. To sum it up, I teach to help people (students, parents and staff) grow in knowledge and character.
  • I teach because I love it! I also love the look on the children’s faces when they discover something new or feel a sense of achievement.

That list is the tip of the iceberg! Perhaps you know a teacher who needs a little encouragement, please feel free to share this with them. We are teachers and we should look forward to getting out of bed in the morning because we have the best job in the world!

About the Author: Tanya McCarthy

The Turning Point Education partners with families through their educational journeys. It is owned and managed by a qualified and experienced teacher who is passionate about children’s academic success. Our mission and vision is to provide the best educational support and to make a difference in every child we work with.

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