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There’s no other subject at school quite like Maths. It can bring all sorts of emotions to the fore that you don’t find in other subjects. Children often need extra help with maths due to its abstract nature and varying learning styles.

“Children don’t hate math. What they hate is being confused, intimidated, and embarrassed by math.”

Larry Martinek

Concepts like fractions and algebra can be challenging to grasp without personalised guidance. Additionally, foundational skills like numeracy and problem-solving require consistent practice and reinforcement. Tailored support facilitates understanding, confidence, and long-term academic success.

Extra math lessons provide crucial support for students by offering personalised guidance, additional practice, and reinforcement of concepts. These sessions address individual learning needs, strengthen understanding, and build confidence in tackling mathematical challenges. With focused attention and supplementary instruction, students can overcome obstacles, excel academically, and develop a lifelong appreciation for mathematics.

Maths tutoring provides:

  • Individualised help where the relationship between child and tutor is key

  • A safe place to ask questions without feeling embarrassed

  • The opportunity to go back to basics and relearn concepts from the ground up to ensure good math’s foundations

  • Improved test scores which leads to increased confidence

  • Help with studying by practice past papers and learning test techniques

Why do children struggle with Maths at school?

  • Maths is not automatic
  • It can be considered boring

  • Students often miss key understanding of concepts

  • Parts of Math’s seem irrelevant to real life

Why do we need to learn Maths at school?

  • Maths helps with life skills

  • Maths develops problem solving skills

  • Maths develops critical thinking skills

  • Maths develops logical thinking

Tailored support facilitates understanding, confidence, and long-term academic success.


From our students and teachers

Kirsty has tutored my daughter for the last few years. She is kind and patient. Her knowledge of Math’s concepts is excellent. This combined with her gentle nature takes away any potential fear of Math’s. Kirsty is the perfect Math’s tutor!

Parent Grade 10 Student (Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge),

Math’s tutoring acts as a supplement to classroom learning. It provides an opportunity for my learners to review and reinforce the material covered during class and allows them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts they may find challenging.

Boitumelo Mapanyane, Teacher (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication Sciences),
I enjoy tutoring Math because it is one of the subjects that is perceived as difficult, which is not true. It just needs a basic understanding of the concepts. I enjoy helping my students discover their ability to tackle the subject, the “aha” moments when they finally understand a concept and can answer questions on it. Above else, I enjoy tutoring Math’s because there’s more than one way to teach or explain a concept to different learners of different learning styles.
Martha Sesinyi, Teacher (Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and FET Student),

What makes Boity stand out from all the other tutors I’ve had is that she’s very attentive. She genuinely cares about whether you understood what she’s saying or not. You feel so important when you’re with her, because she treats you like you’re her number one priority. There’s never been a time where I feel like I’m frustrating her or annoying her when it takes me a while to understand the concept. She’s very patient and all she wants is to see you do your best, which I appreciate so much.

Grade 8 Home School Student (Brainline),

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Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child/children improve their academics. Set out below are some guidelines as to how extra lessons work, costs, times, etc. Please read through it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

  • It is difficult to put a time limit on extra lessons. It can sometimes take up to two years for the necessary progress to take place. You are by no means bound to stay in lessons for an unlimited period, but are rather encouraged to allow your child the necessary time to progress.
  • Invoices will be sent via email and all lessons are to be paid for in advance.
  • The cost of extra lessons for 2024 are set out below:
    • Grade 1 – 3: R250 per hour
    • Grade 4 – 7: R285 per hour
    • Grade 8 – 10: R310 per hour
    • Grade 11 – 12: R345 per hour
    • Remedial Therapy: R455 per hour
    • Travel Charge: R40 per lesson.
  • Payment can be made via EFT only.
    When paying by EFT, please use your child’s name and surname as the reference.
  • Missed lessons cannot be made up. However, if the tutor needs to re-schedule a lesson, then they will arrange a suitable time to make up the lesson.
  • Extra lessons cannot be claimed from your medical aid and therefore the account is your responsibility.
  • Parents will not approach The Turning Point’s tutors for lessons in a private capacity. All lessons will be conducted and charged for through The Turning Point.
  • One month’s written notice is required to stop lessons.
  • Should lessons with The Turning Point be stopped or cancelled for whatever reason, parents may not contact The Turning Point’s tutors for lessons for a period of two years. A placement fee of R5,000 will be levied in such an occurrence. This can, and will gladly, be rearranged through our office.
  • Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns that they may have with Tanya at The Turning Point.
  • It is understood that The Turning Point may at times ask for information from other professionals including the teachers involved in your child’s development. This would be to the advantage of your child and is encouraged by The Turning Point. If you would prefer us not to contact any other professionals, please indicate this to us in writing so that this can be placed in your child’s file.
  • Lessons will commence once a signed contract and payment have been received.

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