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At The Turning Point Education, we are passionate about teaching children to read effectively.

South African statistics are frightening, to say the least! Results of the PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Study) clearly show that less than 20% of Grade 4 children in South Africa can read on a grade appropriate level. South African education is facing a massive crisis in this regard. And we would love nothing more than to change these statistics one child at a time.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.”

Kate Dicamillo

Reading with comprehension is the cornerstone of learning and understanding. It allows individuals to extract meaning, analyze content critically, and make informed decisions. Comprehension enables deeper engagement with texts, fostering empathy, creativity, and cognitive growth. It empowers us to navigate complexities, communicate effectively, and ultimately, enrich our lives through knowledge and insight.

Our suitably qualified and trained Reading Tutors can help your child to learn to read effectively and with understanding.

Why do you need to be able to read with comprehension?

  • Reading with comprehension ensures that you grasp the meaning of the text, which allows for deeper understanding of the subject matter
  • Reading with comprehension encourages critical thinking skills by prompting you to analyse the information
  • Reading with comprehension enhances your ability to communicate effectively
  • Reading with comprehension equips you with the necessary tools to solve problems effectively
  • Developing strong comprehension skills fosters a love for learning and enables you to continually acquire new knowledge.

Reading is not a natural process! The human brain is hard wired to learn communication skills, but it is not the same for reading. Reading needs to be taught intentionally and specifically in order to be effective.

At least 98% of all children should be able to read effectively, if they are taught correctly.

Tailored support facilitates understanding, confidence, and long-term academic success.

How do reading lessons help children?

  • Reading lessons expose children to a wide range of vocabulary, syntax and linguistic structures, facilitating language acquisition and fluency.
  • Engaging with reading materials enhances cognitive abilities such as attention span, memory, and processing speed, laying the foundation for academic success.
  • Through reading, children explore imaginative worlds, characters and scenarios, stimulating creativity and fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity.
  • Reading lessons introduce children to diverse perspectives and experiences, helping them to develop empathy, compassion and a deeper understanding of the world around them.
  • Analysing stories, characters and themes during reading lessons encourages children to think critically, make connections and draw conclusions which nurtures their intellectual curiosity.

“Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.”

Tomie dePaola

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Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child/children improve their academics. Set out below are some guidelines as to how extra lessons work, costs, times, etc. Please read through it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

  • It is difficult to put a time limit on extra lessons. It can sometimes take up to two years for the necessary progress to take place. You are by no means bound to stay in lessons for an unlimited period, but are rather encouraged to allow your child the necessary time to progress.
  • Invoices will be sent via email and all lessons are to be paid for in advance.
  • The cost of extra lessons for 2024 are set out below:
    • Grade 1 – 3: R250 per hour
    • Grade 4 – 7: R285 per hour
    • Grade 8 – 10: R310 per hour
    • Grade 11 – 12: R345 per hour
    • Remedial Therapy: R455 per hour
    • Travel Charge: R40 per lesson.
  • Payment can be made via EFT only.
    When paying by EFT, please use your child’s name and surname as the reference.
  • Missed lessons cannot be made up. However, if the tutor needs to re-schedule a lesson, then they will arrange a suitable time to make up the lesson.
  • Extra lessons cannot be claimed from your medical aid and therefore the account is your responsibility.
  • Parents will not approach The Turning Point’s tutors for lessons in a private capacity. All lessons will be conducted and charged for through The Turning Point.
  • One month’s written notice is required to stop lessons.
  • Should lessons with The Turning Point be stopped or cancelled for whatever reason, parents may not contact The Turning Point’s tutors for lessons for a period of two years. A placement fee of R5,000 will be levied in such an occurrence. This can, and will gladly, be rearranged through our office.
  • Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns that they may have with Tanya at The Turning Point.
  • It is understood that The Turning Point may at times ask for information from other professionals including the teachers involved in your child’s development. This would be to the advantage of your child and is encouraged by The Turning Point. If you would prefer us not to contact any other professionals, please indicate this to us in writing so that this can be placed in your child’s file.
  • Lessons will commence once a signed contract and payment have been received.

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