Study Skills Workshops

As a teacher of many years, I can honestly tell you that children do not know how to study. They need to be intentionally and specifically taught how to study effectively. Parents also need to understand that not every child studies best the same way.

As a result, The Turning Point has created a Study Skills workshop that teaches children the fundamentals of how to study.

The capacity to learn is a gift.

The ability to learn is a skill.

The willingness to learn is a choice!

Teaching study skills is crucial for fostering academic success.

Through our personalised approach, we equip students with effective methods for organisation, time management, and critical thinking. By emphasising strategies like note-taking, active reading, and exam preparation, our students gain the tools to navigate complex subjects and become lifelong learners capable of mastering any challenge.

Studying skills we teach:

  • Where to study

  • Setting Goals

  • Different Learning Styles

  • Identifying Key Points and Main Idea’s

  • Different methods for Summarizing Your Work

  • Useful Study Tips

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • How to Interpret Test Questions

  • What the different Question Words mean

And then, the best part is that we help them to practically apply all of the above to their school work.

This is all done in a 3-hour workshop. It can be done in person or online.
It can be done in small groups, or individually.

Tailored support facilitates understanding, confidence, and long-term academic success.

Why do children need to be taught how to study?

  • Studying does not come naturally to children
  • Teaching study skills equips children with the tools they need to excel academically
  • It helps children to manage their time better
  • Learning how to study, helps children learn to be better organised
  • Helps children to develop critical thinking skills
  • Good study habits learned early on, can last a life time

How do study skills help students?

  • Effective study skills help children to better comprehend and retain important information
  • Effective study skills optimise study time, which leads to better academic performance
  • Good study habits help to alleviate stress and anxiety that come with exams
  • Students with strong study habits are more likely to actively participate in class discussions
  • Study Skills lay the foundation for lifelong learning, enabling students to succeed in higher education


What our Parents have to say

My son said the workshop was awesome! We are grateful that he is now able to meaningfully put into action and apply the skills you taught him in preparation for his last assessments before he starts final exams in November.

Grade 7 Parent (Dainfern College)

Sign up for Study Skills Workshop

Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child/children improve their academics. Set out below are some guidelines as to how extra lessons work, costs, times, etc. Please read through it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Dear Parent

Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child/children improve their academics. Studying does not come naturally to children. They need to be intentionally taught how to study effectively. The Turning Point Education has developed a comprehensive study skills workbook which we take our students through.

Study Skills Workshops

  • A typical study skills workshop takes 3 hours.
  • The cost for the 3 hour workshop is R795 per student, please a travel charge of R40 – 00 per session.
  • Payment is due in advance and can be made via EFT only.

When paying by EFT, please use your child’s name and surname as the reference.

What We Cover in the Workshop:

  • Getting Ready to Study
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Different Learning Styles
  • Key Points and Main Idea’s
  • Summarizing your work
  • Useful Study Tips
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Interpreting Test Questions
  • Understanding Question Words
  • Practical Application of all of the above!
  • Parents will not approach The Turning Point’s tutors for lessons in a private capacity. All lessons will be conducted and charged for through The Turning Point.
  • Payment is to be made in advance.

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