Tutoring Services

Learning Support for Primary and High School Students

Helping students develop a lifelong appreciation for mathematics.

The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.

Concessions ensure equal opportunity to demonstrate knowledge.

Children need to be intentionally and specifically taught how to study.

Remedial therapy addresses specific learning difficulties or challenges.

Concessions ensure equal opportunity to demonstrate knowledge.

All Subjects

We tutor all primary and high school subjects, as well as offer other learning services.

  • English

  • Afrikaans

  • isiZulu

  • Mathematics

  • Maths Literacy (Grade 10-12)

  • Natural Science (Grade 4-9)

  • Physical Science (Grade 10-12)

  • Life science (Grade 10-12)

  • Social Science (Grade 4-9)

  • History (Grade 10-12)

  • Geography (Grade 10-12)

  • Economic and Management Sciences (Grade 4-9)

  • Accounting (Grade 10-12)

  • Business Studies (Grade 10-12)

  • Computer Applications Technology

  • Information Technology

  • Reading Lessons

  • Homework Supervision

  • Test preparation

  • Remedial Therapy

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