Accommodations and Concessions

A child may require accommodations in a test due to various factors such as learning difficulties, physical impairments or linguistic differences. These accommodations ensure equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. Adjustments like extended time, a quiet environment or use of a human reader or scribe can provide a fair testing experience tailored to their needs.

“Making accommodations forces you to identify the need and strengths of all of your students, no matter who they are.”

Abby Schukei

Having a reader or a scribe during a test can be immensely beneficial for students with visual impairments, dyslexia or physical challenges which affect a student’s writing ability.

A reader can assist in decoding text or presenting questions aloud, while a scribe can write down dictated responses, ensuring that students can fully demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

“Accomodations don’t lower the expectations for what kids learn.”

Types of Accommodations that The Turning Point Education can assist with:

  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Prompter
  • Invigilator in a separate venue
  • Extra time
  • Food or medication Intake
  • Rest breaks
  • Practical Assistant

Tailored support facilitates understanding, confidence, and long-term academic success.

How does a reader help?

  • Having a reader allows students to access test content that they may struggle to read independently.
  • A reader takes away the stress of focussing on the mechanics of reading, which allows a student to focus more on the meaning of the text and what the questions are asking.
  • Students who struggle with reading may experience increased anxiety during a test. Having a reader alleviates this stress by providing support.
  • Having a reader provides equal opportunity for students with reading difficulties to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities on par with their peers, which ensure a fair assessment process.
  • By having a reader, students can focus their energy on formulating accurate responses, which should lead to better test results.

How does a scribe help?

  • A scribe assists students who struggle with writing, ensuring that they can effectively communicate their responses in a test.
  • Having a scribe allows students to concentrate on formulating accurate answers without the hindrance of handwriting.
  • Having a scribe allows equal opportunity for students with writing difficulties to showcase their knowledge and understanding.
  • Students who experience frustration or fatigue when writing can demonstrate their knowledge with being disadvantaged by their physical limitations
  • As scribe enables a student to express their thoughts more accurately and efficiently, ultimately leading to improved test scores.


What our scribes and parents say

I enjoy reading and scribing because it allows me to share my joy of reading, and the knowledge of it, with students, while also assisting them with the challenges they may face in reading and writing. Seeing that I can make even a slight difference in their journey to success brings me much joy.

I believe that reading and scribing makes a significant difference to my students because it opens up opportunities for them to express themselves freely and effectively with no bias or judgement. It helps to boost their confidence and fosters a love for learning despite any learning difficulties they may experience.

Marcelina Lotsima - Scribe (3rd year Law Student)

As a retired teacher, I love reading or scribing for students as it puts me back in an environment I love and miss.

I believe teachers – and parents – want to see students complete their educational journey not only with success, but with as little fear and stress as possible. I see scribing and reading as a form of removing or countering some obstacles in the paths of learners who, with quiet support, can reach their full academic destinations with a sense of accomplishment and dignity.

Renelle Smith - Scribe (Retired Teacher)

I enjoy helping students because it enables me to make a difference to a child’s future.

I have found that assisting with tests gives the student confidence to believe that they are on the same level as their peers and have equal opportunity to achieve high marks. Their shortcomings/ challenges fall away when they have a helping hand.

Ruth Gatawa - Scribe (BA Communication Science; Diploma in Theology)

The Turning Point is an organised and well-run business which ensures that both the client and the tutor are well prepared and informed timeously for appointments. They expect high standards from their tutors, readers and scribes and in turn, they value these efforts. I have scribed through The Turning Point for three years, enjoyed the interaction with the students and love to share in their success. I can confidently recommend The Turning Point.

Beverly Holzinger - Scribe (Retired Teacher)

We could not have asked for a better scribe and reader. Jamaine has been patient and kind. She understands my teenager extremely well. She has been able to adapt to all our needs.

Grade 12 Home School Parent (Impaq)

You are the best thing that has happened to us. You are always very professional and willing to help. Our son feels safe with The Turning Point, and that’s huge for us. Highly recommended.

Matric Parent (St. David’s College Inanda)

Sign up for Accommodations and Concessions

Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child/children improve their academics. Set out below are some guidelines as to how extra lessons work, costs, times, etc. Please read through it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Dear Parent

Thank you for choosing The Turning Point Education to help your child conquer their weekly tests and/ or exams. Set out below are some guidelines to help you understand how accommodations and concessions work, and where we assist in the process. Please read through it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Accommodations and Concessions
The IEB/ GDE have identified the need for accommodations and concessions in tests and exams.

These are in place to level the playing field for students who struggle specifically with assessments and is a process which is strictly controlled and monitored.

Students who qualify for accommodations and concessions would have had a global assessment done by an
Educational Psychologist, who will have made specific recommendations.

Your child’s school will assist you in the process of applying for the accommodations and concessions.
The Turning Point works alongside schools in training and supplying tutors to sit with students for their tests and exams.
Each of our tutors is hand-picked and is familiar with the guidelines and regulations governing accommodations and concessions.

Our tutors are patient and understanding and proficient in the required language of instruction.

Costs are set out below:

  • 1 hour test/ exam: R320 – 00 per paper
  • 1 – 2 hour test/ exam: R545 – 00 per paper
  • 2 – 3 hour test/ exam: R675 – 00 per paper
  • 3 – 4 hour test/ exam: R970 – 00 per paper
  • 4 – 5 hour test/ exam: R1205 – 00 per paper

There is an additional R40 – 00 travel cost charged per test/ exam.

• All tests/ exams need to be paid for in advance.

• Payment can be made via EFT only.
When paying by EFT, please use your child’s name and surname as the reference.

• Accommodations and concessions cannot be claimed from your medical aid and therefore the account is your responsibility.

• Parents will not approach The Turning Point’s tutors for assistance in a private capacity. All tests/ exams will be conducted and charged for through The Turning Point.

• Should the need for a tutor with The Turning Point be stopped or cancelled for whatever reason, parents may not contact The Turning Point’s tutors for any form of extra support for a period of two years. A placement fee of R5 000 – 00 will be levied in such an occurrence. This can, and will gladly, be re-arranged through our office.

• Assistance with tests/ exams will commence once a signed contract and payment has been received.

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Person Responsible for the Account

Please note that if the person responsible for the account is not the person completing this form, we will require an email from them confirming that they are aware of the account and are in agreement that they will pay it.

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