Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remedial Therapist?

A Remedial Therapist is a person who helps students to overcome learning barriers. They focus on assisting children whose learning barriers interfere with their academic success. Remedial Therapy goes beyond standard classroom instruction. The aim is to bridge the gap between current learning and desired future learning. Remedial Therapists are trained to tailor their lessons to a wide range of different learning styles.

Learning barriers include such things as visual discrimination; perceptual organization; laterality; sequencing; abstract reasoning; auditory processing; sound recognition; blending; segmenting; phoneme manipulation; difficulty with mathematical operations; focusing and eye tracking; difficulty with language and reasoning; and difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling.

What is a Registered Educational and Psychological Counsellor?

The Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) created the registered counsellor category to meet the needs of the South African population at a primary intervention level. A registered counsellor provides short-term, supportive counselling and psycho-educational assessments, such as intellectual/ scholastic abilities, aptitude, interests, career placement and personality profiling.

What is the difference between extra lessons and remedial intervention?

Remedial therapy involves training children in skills critical to academic success. Remedial therapy differs from extra lessons in that it focuses on skills, as opposed to content.

What is a Psycho-Educational Assessment?

Psycho-educational assessments measure a child's cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Generally children are referred for these assessments when they are having difficulties at school, or they are doing very well at school and may be getting bored.

The aim is to provide a thorough assessment, which takes into account information from a number of sources and considers different possibilities for overcoming difficulties. We aim to make recommendations that will assist children and their families to do the best they can do. We ask families and schools to give us feedback on the assessments and reports and we use this information to improve our service.

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